dancing with the stars tour

I didn’t take near enough pictures during the show tonight. I was so caught up in watching my girls perform I had a hard time getting my cameras out of their bags.

I did take a few pictures during their pre-show rehearsal…



Both our girls did a fantastic job dancing, and they both said it was really fun!
Neither Kiana nor Myla felt like they were dancing in front of so many people because the inside of the E center was so dark, you couldn’t see most of the audience! Also, there was a lot of fog, I think it was from the ice rink being under the floors… ?

way to go girls {and to ALL of Center Stage. Dusty and I LOVE watching you all perform!}

4 responses to “dancing with the stars tour”

  1. Your seats were so close. AWESOME!! Tyler ended up going with Jill last night. I heard it was Awesome!!
    That is so cool that they don’t get so nervous with SO many people watching!
    Way to go girls!

  2. How cool was it watching your girls in the E-center? You guys must be so proud. Way to go Myla & Kiana!

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