uvu ballroom competition

way to go, myla & ammon!

i was so excited and so proud of these two kids this morning!
they competed at the uvu ballroom competition and they did fantastic! not only did they do great, and have a lot of fun, but…

the judges noticed!

in the “elementary school age” category, which is all kids 11 & under, and please note Myla and Ammon are both 9…they placed…

In the cha-cha, out of SEVENTY couples, they placed fifth!
In the swing, out of EIGHTY-FIVE couples, they placed FIRST!

remember this?

This is Myla’s second 1st place now, and she was so thrilled!
{a huge shout-out to coach Autumn! you’re awesome! xoxo}

{i love catching shots of her skirt in full swing!}
Dusty’s niece Lexy, her husband Seth, and baby girl Hannah have been visiting for the weekend, so they were able to go with us and support Myla – it was so fun having them here!


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  1. What a cute idea for Kiana’s birthday. The party favors are so cute! I am so proud of Myla and Ammon. They are so cute together and they danced their best.

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