this week…

November 16, 2008

This past Friday when I picked the kids up from school…

Mom: “KJ, guess what?!?”
KJ: “what?”
Mom: “YOU WON the radio costume contest!”
KJ: {big eyes, mouth drops open in astonishment, pause}
KJ: “THAT is awesome!” {arms in the air}

{I had already explained to him how everyone had to vote from their own home computers, etc. etc…}

KJ: “First I am going to go to Nate’s house, knock on the door and tell them thank you. Then I’m going to go to Tegan’s house and knock on the door and tell them thank you, then Caden’s house…”

{You get the idea, he wants everyone to know he’s very THANKFUL for the votes!


Kiana and Myla competed this weekend at Hillcrest high school.

It was a very fun afternoon, Myla and Ammon were adorable but didn’t make any call backs this time. Kiana and Tristen had a fabulous time and did really great!


Myla & Ammon-
Kiana & Tristen-
It was so fun because in the final rounds Ezra Sosa/Charity; Stephanie Sosa/her partner; and Kiana/Tristen Sosa were the final two couples for the 1st/2nd positions a few times. At one point the Master of Ceremonies commented, “It’s the brothers again!” so cute.
celebrating their success-



Orem h.s. ballroom competition

September 25, 2008

While we were gone…

Kiana & Tristen competed at the Orem h.s. ballroom competition.

Many thanks to the Sosa’s for taking care of Kiana the entire day!

and, many thanks to Enrique for taking excellent photos!

{in-between dances: texting her Momma!}


Jailhoouse Rock

August 24, 2008

Myla and Ezra are doing a duo/jive to “Jailhouse rock” this upcoming year… Ashly Delgrosso-Costa choreographed it, and they have worked super hard all summer on cleaning/practicing it. Last night at “Dancing under the Stars” was their first time to perform this piece in the pre-show. They had a small music error and the sun was shining right into their little faces, but they pulled it off so well!

rehearsing before the show –

the real deal:



August 19, 2008

Day 1
We drove to Vegas – caravan’d with the Reese & Sosa families – and checked into the Mirage…
Pretty much crashed for the night.
Although, I will note that our kids were smitten with our very “old-Vegas” style hotel suite. There were 2 tv consols with large square TV’s that would raise/lower out of the top of the consol when you pressed the power button on the remote. Luckily, the tv’s were very sturdy because this became a carnival ride. To sit on top of the TV then raise with it as it popped up. I’ve been playing online craps and touching up my skills ready to hit a casino. There is no way I’m coming to vegas and not going to at least one casino.



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