Dancing with a Star…

We had plans on going to see “Alvin & the Chipmunks” when we were done playing in the snow. BUT, when I returned home, Dusty & I had voicemail messages from the Sosa’s that Jonathan Roberts from “Dancing with the Stars” [Marie Osmond’s partner] had been at the studio and saw Ezra dancing and was so taken with him [can’t blame him, the kid is adorable!] that he was interested in giving a private to Ezra & his partner [Myla] and Kiana & Tristan. So, plans changed and the girls were really excited for the opportunity to dance with Jonathan, so we headed to the studio… and Dusty & KJ went to the movie –

Myla & Ezra with Jonathan ~
Kiana & Tristan with Jonathan ~Jonathan worked really great with the kids – as you can tell from the pictures, they had alot of fun! Plus, it was GREAT for their ballroom technique!

10 responses to “Dancing with a Star…

  1. I would say that they are lucky but I know that they work really hard for those opportunities! Good on ya!

  2. How cool is that?! Such fun for your girls. I love that they are such amazing dancers, so cute.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. SO cool! They LOVE dancing – much to Chase’s dismay cause he wishes he had more time to play with Myla. But it is great that they have something the love doing so much!

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