16 years.

February 1, 2012

look where we are…

i am constantly amazed at what this man and i have accomplished together.

as excited as i am to be celebrating our relationship, today. i am also sad. husband has been “home” for 7 weeks, minus the time we both spent traveling to utah in january, this is the longest-time he’s spent at home in the past 18 months. tomorrow morning he heads back out of town for business. overseas he goes. my heart is aching already. it’s so nice having him around. it’s good to know we’re not tired of each other, right?

cheers to many more years, adventures, and red sox games! xo.


anniversary hangover…

February 8, 2011

{meaning: there were delayed effects of too much good in a short amount of time.}

we wanted to relax, sleep, read by the fire, eat good food, spa, and repeat.

so, we drove ten minutes from our home to sundance.

it was the ideal getaway…for three days.

husband told me, in reference to this little sign below,

“baby, you can’t stay in here…it says non-smokin’ “

all these years, and he still has cheesy lines for me. {smiling}

we love this restaurant.


fifteen years..

February 1, 2011

is a good reason to celebrate.
{especially when everyone thought we wouldn’t make it one!}

it’s seriously amazing to have this:

husband & i, fall of 1995, engaged.

turn to this:

end of summer 2010, photos by vanessa, pinwheel by me! more photos from this photo shoot, coming soon!

and this:

the most amazing, of all…summer 2010, photo by vanessa.

i won’t spend too much time gushing here,
but i’m so lucky to have my husband.


blogging is something i needed in my life, three years ago.
complete kudos to this girlfriend, who introduced my daughter to blogging,
which inspired me to start blogging one full year later…

i’ve been writing, and sharing a lot about my life here since august, 2007. i’ve met amazing people online and in person from the blogging community. all of you, inspiring and beautiful in endless ways. i’ve been motivated to do things i may not have done without the blog-sphere influence in my life…
i’ve been touched by other people’s lives, numerous times,
for the better. I have to say if this is something you’ve wanted to do but you’re not sure how,


then spent 14 amazing years together!
i was going through some old scrapbooks a while back,
and found these old pictures of dusty and i.
it’s a few of the first pictures we took together.

and oh the memories these bring back.

here, we were hiking around zions national park,
in southern utah,
and stopped for a water/photo break…

and these are both from one of my first trips {of many later to come}
to the ranch in southern nevada where dusty was raised…

but all three of these were taken before we were husband and wife.


a bakers dozen

February 1, 2009

maybe i’ve been married 13 years…

maybe i adore him.

maybe i still get goosebumps when he kisses my neck.

maybe he makes me smile even when i’m grumpy. Even when I try not to smile.

maybe he is the funnest person i could have ever chosen to spend my life with.

maybe he is the most generous person i know.

maybe he is the most attractive man i have ever laid eyes on.

maybe we have a secret way to hold hands.

maybe we have a secret made-up word.

maybe he gives me unlimited support in everything i do.

maybe he has made my life more than everything i ever dreamed it would be.