once upon a time, we fell in love…

then spent 14 amazing years together!
i was going through some old scrapbooks a while back,
and found these old pictures of dusty and i.
it’s a few of the first pictures we took together.

and oh the memories these bring back.

here, we were hiking around zions national park,
in southern utah,
and stopped for a water/photo break…

and these are both from one of my first trips {of many later to come}
to the ranch in southern nevada where dusty was raised…

but all three of these were taken before we were husband and wife.
before we were engaged.
before we exchanged “i love you’s”
before i was even calling him my boyfriend,
maybe i was calling him my boyfriend.

so many things were just about to happen…
which is why i love these pictures.

we didn’t know anything about our big future together,

all the things we would go through together & learn.
we didn’t know anything about the little bumps
and hiccups we’d find along the way…
how they would shape us individually and as a couple.
how they would eventually make our love stronger
and bring greater happiness into our lives.

we could only dream of it, and hope for it.
dusty & i don’t have a perfect marriage but i’d have to say
it’s incredibly close to what i imagined it would be.
mostly thanks to the man i married.
he’s taught me a great deal about laughing at myself,
dealing with hardships and being the best i can be.
{but i’m still a monster most of the time.}

anyway…looking at these photos,
i just love that we didn’t know any of this back then
while we hiked around southern utah, rode horses,
and smiled for the camera…

happy 14th anniversary, babe.

can’t wait to see what lies ahead!

i love you.

6 responses to “once upon a time, we fell in love…

  1. Honey, I love this post! These pictures are so cute, crazy how fast time goes by…
    I would have to agree with what you wrote! Maybe I could copy and paste it to my anniversary post in 2 days. You always write such beautiful things.

    Happy anniversary!!

  2. Dusty & Jane,

    You two are adorable – we miss you! And how I wish I knew you both back in the day! Jane, I love this post and how much your blog has grown since my last visit. I will make sure to visit more often!

  3. seriously loving these photos! what fun memories! happy anniversary i can't wait to hear how your trip was and definitely need a gno with you!

  4. What a cute post! So fun to have those pictures early on. He looks pretty enamored with you then, as he still is now! You guys are darling together.

  5. ah jane-so many of the marriages out there make me really glad I'm on my own but i just love to read about people who are so happy and solid. That was a beautiful post : )

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