1,001 posts later…how blogging made me better.

blogging is something i needed in my life, three years ago.
complete kudos to this girlfriend, who introduced my daughter to blogging,
which inspired me to start blogging one full year later…

i’ve been writing, and sharing a lot about my life here since august, 2007. i’ve met amazing people online and in person from the blogging community. all of you, inspiring and beautiful in endless ways. i’ve been motivated to do things i may not have done without the blog-sphere influence in my life…
i’ve been touched by other people’s lives, numerous times,
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1,001 posts.

is that crazy?

is there a meter somewhere displaying how much time i’ve invested?

every minute completely valuable.

a totally worthwhile investment.

here is something that is strange to admit: blogging is a performance. a virtual performance over a VPS server on the internet. i know a lot of people who like to complain on their blogs. and, i am completely entertained by their complaints. i had a sociology professor in college {my first time in college} tell our class that if you want to bond with a stranger instantly, just complain. for example, while standing in the grocery store line, say something like, “the weather lately has been awful…” and you’re well on your way to a conversation. and a friend.

well, my soul typically takes a different approach. i offer genuine compliments and a positive outlook on life. however, i am always in search of friends…

in search of friends, because, my extended family tree is rather unique. because of this unique family i come from, i quite often find myself feeling completely abandoned or extremely alone. the blogging community not only offers a creative refuge for me, but gives me a deep connection to many of your lives. kicking my loneliness to the curb. i cherish, all of you. i have been fortunate my entire life to be surrounded by beautiful, talented friends, who support me. they deal with my ‘complaints’ in real life, unfortunately for them! but, this blog has added friends to my life…

life itself, is a performance of sorts. parenting is a performance. {and, balancing-act} heck, we may as well call it a live circus, most of the time. but… parenting, within our homes and outside of our homes comes in so many varying categories…whether stay-at-home, work-at-home, working, student, no matter what kind, ~ parenting is difficult. writing about the difficulty is important to give others going through it a sense that they are not alone. but i worry that complaining about this life i chose with my kids would be like spitting in the face of all the mothers who must work away from home to support their families; the parents who hearts break every morning when they leave the daycare center; the men and women who would gladly trade places with me, but cannot. i was raised by a single mom, and have views of both situations.

sure, i have things to complain about. daily. hourly. but because i have this blog to collect and share my thoughts and experiences, and to keep our memories alive. i have generally been able to live with more positivity {is that a word?} and zeal than if it wasn’t all so public. when writing publicly about your life, i think there’s a natural tendency to try to live a better one. you do fun things you might not ordinarily do because i have the privilege of sharing those things with others. you. i find whatever inspiration there is, in an ordinary day, and i share it with friends, family, and most often, strangers.

and i am better for it.

there have been moments, when i wanted to walk away from this blog. share my life and creativity, elsewhere. or privately. but, because i had this blog and the people reading it, quite often, i’ve changed my mind and you’ve continued to make my life better.

thank you. 1,001 times again, thank you.


that brings me to what’s next. i’m not quitting. i have this fire in me, that life is still just beginning in our family. as my sil once reflected on her blog, “i spent the first twenty years preparing for the next twenty. then in the next twenty did nothing to prepare for the next twenty…” with her words in mind, i am working hard to balance it all. remembering the first twenty, managing this twenty, and preparing for the next twenty+ to come…

because, the best is yet to come.

this felt like the right time to reflect a bit.
to take a moment to thank you for helping make the
last three wonderful years of my life possible.

thank you so much for reading & commenting.



17 responses to “1,001 posts later…how blogging made me better.”

  1. jane, i read your blog often, but i almost rarely comment on it. like you, i am a stay-at-home mom i have ainfant, i don't get out of the house as often as i would like to. when i read your blog, i feel inspired to do better, be better, live better. after i read your posts, i want to go out and do fun things, be a fun mom. if you don't continue to blog, which i hope that you do!.. i want you to know that you've helped me, and my life, for my children. the daily dose of inspiration i get from your blog sometimes gets me through the hardest parenting days, and i am so grateful. thank you, thank you, thank you!! xoxo.

  2. That is impressive – 1001! I think that maybe I have commented on at least 95% of those! Love reading your blog and keeping up with your family, even though we are so far apart. So the whole positive post thing is actually thought out? I just thought everything was always perfect! 😉

  3. Wow, 1001 posts… thats alot!!
    Thanks for sharing your life with us… I love looking at your photos and reading about your life… I'm such a nosey person, that's why I love blogs 🙂
    Keep up the blogging…I love your blog.

  4. I just found your blog recently and I LOVE it! Love all the fun things your family does, how much you love to spend time with each other, your exercise and "diet" posts, your holiday decorating… love love love. Keep it up and thank you for sharing!!

  5. You are such a sweet and inspiring person. I love to read your blog and know many other girls that love it too. We may not know you personally, but in a way I feel like I do.

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful tips, ideas, recipes, adventures, shopping, travels, parties, but most of all your love of life.

    Happy 1,001.

  6. i think that blogging is very therapeutic and i love love love to read other blogs especially YOURS!! Your writing is so beautiful! You will love to look back through your blog books and see all that you captured in your lifes journey. My kids LOVE it!

    It is definitely time consuming, but so wonderful. If you stop blogging for a while, i may be pestering you for your fabulous ideas.

    thats one of my fav things about you, is your postivie outlook on life, that is what makes us all love your blog so much. keep up the karma baby…

    Love you tons,

  7. Your posts are a love gift to us all. We have learned from you about the practical as well as from the rich journey of your life which you so graciously share with us. Thank you Jane for sharing.

  8. Congratulations, thanks for all your post, cause it has helping me to be better in all aspects. Thaks and keep writting please.

  9. What a beautiful post. I too LOVE reading your blog and look forward to it. Even though I've never really met you, I feel blessed to "know" you through your blog and your help on my own blog. Thank you for sharing yourself with us.

  10. You know, I nearly quit my blog this year. I thought about being completely and totally unplugged. I could just focus on my mairrage and my kids. It sounded kind of liberating actually. But having a blog motivates me to journal the life of my family. Without it, I think so many memories would be lost. I, too, am thankful for your blog Jane. I'm just not sure how long it would have taken for us to meet otherwise. And I adore you! 🙂

  11. Thanks Jane, now I'm crying. It's good to know that you think parenting is hard. Sometimes I get the impression that your life is perfect 🙂 Your blog has inspired me time and time again. I always look forward to pulling up your page. Thanks for everything!

  12. I don't know how I found your blog, but I love reading it! You inspire me to be better and be more positive! I also loved how organized and on top of it you are! Blog away!

  13. really glad you started this blog 'cause it turned a girl i knew in college into an inspiring friend. keep it up lady : ) you are a real gem jane.

  14. Love reading your blog! You're are so creative! Thanks for letting us get a glimpse of your adventures!

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