fifteen years..

is a good reason to celebrate.
{especially when everyone thought we wouldn’t make it one!}

it’s seriously amazing to have this:

husband & i, fall of 1995, engaged.

turn to this:

end of summer 2010, photos by vanessa, pinwheel by me! more photos from this photo shoot, coming soon!

and this:

the most amazing, of all…summer 2010, photo by vanessa.

i won’t spend too much time gushing here,
but i’m so lucky to have my husband.

for example, this past week, he was traveling in asia for a couple of weeks.
on monday, while we were online chatting, he calmly listened to me vent IN ALL CAPS about my computer woes/internet problems at home…

and on thursday, after sela & i had been out on a play date with friends…

we came home,
i walked past my art room,
and through the slightly open door,
i saw this:

a new monitor, macbook, and keyboard all-set-up with the cute persoanl messages from husband.

he’s so good to me.

happy fifteen, babe.

14 responses to “fifteen years..”

  1. Happy anniversary! 15 years…. these days thats something to celebrate as most don't last longer than a few years.
    Love Nikki xx
    p.s totally jealous of your new computer… I'll have to show my husband this post 😉

  2. BEAUTiful!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! why are we NOT in cabo right now! haha

    fifteen years ROCKS, and you guys have the most beautiful family and now monitor to boot!

    love you tons, have a fabulous day.
    love, love, love the pictures!

  3. Oh my goodness, that is so wonderful! You have certainly created a beautiful life together. Happy Anniversary! 🙂

  4. Happy 15! I want to know who it was that said you wouldn't make it this far….I KNEW YOU WOULD!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the engagement photo on the front porch 🙂 Congrats!

  5. ummmm….seriously! dusty is the husband of the year! you are one lucky girl.

    happy anniversary! have fun with a few days off celebrating!

  6. such an inspiration.
    what an amazing journey.
    my husband and i are on our 2nd year of marriage but our 7th year being together.

    passion and love like that is hard to find.

    thank you for sharing and for shedding confidence and hope to successful and blissful marriages.

    all the best.

  7. {jane} and dusty ~
    congratulations on your 15 year anniversary! may you have a least that more together.
    the family photos are precious!

  8. Congratulations Jane! I adore reading your blog. I also love hearing about your family and your husband. You two seem to have a kick a$% marriage. I'm getting married in May. I would la la love and be tickled pink if you could share any thoughts about what has made your marriage so succesful. Thanks. And again, conratulations. 🙂

  9. Really darling family Jane. I love that you have four kids too 🙂

    I'm glad we connected at Alt, albeit ever so quickly! Next time let's chat more…

  10. Oh Jane that is so awesome. Ohh the things you will create on your computer….Your pictures are incredible. The picture of you and Dusty back in college sent me back because that was the house I lived in too back in the days. Silver proposed to me in that house 🙂
    Happy 15 to the both of you.
    Love ya Girl

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