16 years.

look where we are…

i am constantly amazed at what this man and i have accomplished together.

as excited as i am to be celebrating our relationship, today. i am also sad. husband has been “home” for 7 weeks, minus the time we both spent traveling to utah in january, this is the longest-time he’s spent at home in the past 18 months. tomorrow morning he heads back out of town for business. overseas he goes. my heart is aching already. it’s so nice having him around. it’s good to know we’re not tired of each other, right?

cheers to many more years, adventures, and red sox games! xo.

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17 responses to “16 years.”

  1. darling darling picture!! you two make marriage look easy peasy lemon squeezy! {i know im a dork} love you two and wish we were spending it together somewhere warm and fun!

    Happy Happy anniversary!

  2. Congratulations.

    The longest he’s been home is 7 weeks! Oi that sort of travelling is tough on everyone, I bet your heart aches.

  3. Happy Anniversary!

    It must be really hard on all of you having him away like that, good luck to Dusty on his next trip!

  4. Happy anniversary!!! I still remember the day we went to the SUU pool and he was flirting with you. I think you had one of your first dates not long after that. I hope that this year is filled with more love, laughter, and happiness than your hearts could imagine.

  5. Happy 16th! You two are so cute. Curt leaves for Alabama in 2 weeks and we will be apart for 3 1/2 months. I am dying. I can’t help but squeeze him a little tighter every time we hug. 🙂

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