you’re a grand ‘ol flag…

last month, kj’s 1st grade class had their program at school.

while we were all seated in the gym, waiting for it to start, i hurried and went up closer so i could take the first picture i posted below…

then i went back to sit with our family…

then kj ran down from his seat on the stage, quickly kissed me, said,
“hi mom, i love you!” and ran back to his spot to sit down.

boy, oh, boy, this little man of mine has my heart.

then he did it again.



three times he ran to me, with kisses!

like i said, he has my heart!

the program was fantastic, filled with heart-beating american patriotism.

but, underneath it all,

i just kept thinking,

i hope he never out-grows this

lovin’ his momma stuff!

2 responses to “you’re a grand ‘ol flag…”

  1. KJ is so cute and totally growing up! I can't believe how mature he looks. I love having mommas boys!

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