yarn wreaths * yarn balls

we made it to the philippines just in the nick of time for husband to have his meeting at the factory.

…while he was busy with work, i grabbed most of the female management + a few extras and had a serious 45-minute craft quickie. this was originally planned to be an entire girls night out, but after we had trouble with our flights out of the U.S., and were delayed an entire day… i had to improvise. we were only at the factory for 90 minutes, and half of that time was lunch break, so we squeezed our girls night out craft in to a 45-minute lunch. it was disappointing, to say the least to miss out on an entire evening with these ladies. but, we made the best out of it!

i took all the supplies from the U.S. to make holiday yarn wreaths + give a couple mini lessons on how to make yarn balls.
{note: you must have american chocolate when crafting! so, i packed lots of that, too!}

…this might be one of my all-time favorite photos. my design-loving heart is touched by this group below, circled around the monitor, looking at pinterest for the first time! none of them had ever seen it, and it was — so cool. i used pinterest as a tool to teach as fast as possible, and pinterest did not disappoint. i believe it’s one of the best design tools/resources we currently have.

for lots of yarn wreath ideas, check this out.
for yarn balls, check this out.

also, i used this tutorial to teach the finger-wrapped pom pom yarn ball style. {these are my favorite!} i’ve been making these as christmas bows too, to use on top of gifts. they look so cute on top of brown kraft paper!

it always cracks me up to see myself in pictures with the filipinas. i am a giant!

myla and i; this is my myla’s namesake.

…i asked the group to send me photos of their finished wreaths so i could see how they looked.

check these out… they did so good & i adore the variety!

i was very sad to only have 90 minutes at the factory, i was literally fighting tears {ok, maybe i did’t fight them so well…} to walk away and move on with our trip itinerary.

because of this, i’m really hoping to go back soon. and, i have more factory-crafting i’m planning because this was way too fun!

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  1. i live in dubai and there is a huge population of filipinos here… they literally are the most creative/talented nation… as evidenced by your craft session with them!! have you noticed random individual karaoke sessions in the most absurd of places? I can’t count how many times I’ve been in a bathroom stall and heard the woman next to me break into a cheesy 80’s tune! 🙂

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