wrapping presents.

these were a few of the gifts i wrapped this year. i have always been fond of brown kraft paper. in my eyes it is perfect. if you’re looking for other wrapping ideas, look here.

do you enjoy wrapping gifts? despise it? it can be a lot of work, after everything else that needs to be done — but, i love wrapping the gifts just as much as giving what’s inside… it makes my heart warm.

cheers to pretty ribbons!


2 responses to “wrapping presents.”

  1. NOT a lover of wrapping but I find your creations inspiring nonetheless! I got verrrrry behind this year and found myself at a work party with a white elephant gift “wrapped” in a Target plastic bag with purple tissue paper… the two things I could find in the back seat of my car. Jeez.

    Right now I wish I could send a Target bag full of cinnamon bears to Boston but there are none to be found in AZ. Truly a Utah creation? We miss you guys. Did I mention how happy I am your blog it back “open?”

    Merry Christmas!

  2. I am a perfectionist so wrapping can take… well, time. I love brown kraft paper but I cannot find a good tape to use when wrapping with it. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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