“why we have snow,”

by kiana rhodes

one day a man called willow the midget, looked like he was spotted. he had dirt all over his skin and clothes! well when he heard that he was the longest one to go without showering, he was ecstatic! but then the tallest man in the town heard of this. even though he was know for his height, he was also known for how he did not let any one be better than him.

andre the giant didn’t believe this, he was furious. someone well not just anyone but his best friend would try to be better than him. so andre went up to willow and spoke, “why of all people would you do this to me! you know how i’ve always had a thing for being the best, so i have decided that we’ll bet on who can go without showering the longest!” willow knew that would happen so he said, “deal.”

two months later, willow and andre started developing dandruff. it was very itchy and so annoying! they would walk around town leaving dandruff behind them. zeus did not like this and came down to talk to andre and willow. “why have you tried to not shower for so long?” zeus asked. “well the city knows me for not showering,” willow answered. “why in the world did you bet on a thing like that?” zeus replied. “i don’t know, but when i hear that someone is better than me at something i get very angry.” andre answered. “ok, well we need to decide on something that when dandruff falls from your hair it turns into something clean.”

“how about snowflakes!” andre immediately replied.

so they decided every time dandruff fell from their heads it would turn into little snowflakes.

and that’s why we have snow.


i snatched this from kiana’s school bag, she’s been studying greek history for about a month now, and they were required to write these little stories in class.

her teacher wrote on her paper, “very creative – i don’t think i’ve ever had a student write about dandruff before!”


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