who’s up for a little challenge?

i was pretty excited & motivated by the responses i received today to my ‘february blues’ post. a little part of me would love to be a personal trainer and/or nutritionist, and i get so thrilled to hear of anyone’s recent commitment to a healthier lifestyle.

also, daphne & i paid a visit to my dear sara, matt, & bronson today. nothing like a visit to the pediatric intensive care unit {PICU} to continue to humble me.

everyone has a story there. everyone is making sacrifices there.

one conversation i had with sara today was about ‘perspective,’ again…

when you are fully aware of someone’s a-MAZ-ing sacrifices, doesn’t it seem to make it easier to commit to something challenging or be a bit more motivated to do something great? to be better? maybe even your best?

so, with all of that said…
who’s up for a little challenge?

i love challenges.

keeps progress rolling.

as you know, i stopped eating sugar today. indefinitely.

but, now there is an end, an unknown end. how difficult is that? how difficult do you think it is for sara & matt to not know the final prognosis of little B?

i am not going to eat sugar {no added sugars, white bread, pastas, etc.} until bronson goes home. that’s right, there is no definite end in sight. a sugar-fasting of sorts.

but, how difficult is this?

not difficult at all.

when you have a good, healthy, perspective.

7 responses to “who’s up for a little challenge?”

  1. I LOVE the sugar fast for Bronson! Count me in! Makes it SO much easier when you are doing it with a purpose.

  2. I would love to participate, for many reasons. But…I'm kind of slow….I'm still not quite sure what no sugar means? I know you put it right there on your blog, but my brain still refuses to participate. Like seriously, no chocolate? What does exactly no added sugars mean? I hope I'm not being too dense…..

  3. I love your blog!! I have never commented and thought I should now! (found you through lisette & jared blanchard who our family is great friends with)

    I have been following the story of Bronson and think this "sugar fast" is a wonderful idea. I will be doing it with you and continuing to pray for him and his family.

    Jen Bowman

  4. rori~ there's a lot of information to understand, give me a couple more days and i'll get back with you, what is your email???

  5. Hi Jane! You have been one busy girl. Ryan and I have been following Sara's blog and cry everyday as we read it. What an opportunity to prioritze what is really important. I have been doing really great (with your great advice) on the Atkins/no sugar diet. Now I feel more inspired to do it for a purpose. I have been so inspired by your blog to be a better person and to work more dilligently towards my goals. I was hoping you could help me out with a couple of things. I went to buy Spelt bread and it was loaded with carbs. Is it okay for me to have it during the induction period? What about wheat thins? Also with the high protein do you also eat beef, bacon and pork? I would love all the help and motivational tips you can spare!
    Thanks so much!

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