whoooo’s color chart is an owl???

i am well-underway this semester with my new classes. i have oil painting, ceramics, a graphic design class, and a visiting-artist weekly lecture.
{love them all!}

my first project in my oil painting class was very time consuming. the whole point was to teach us to mix our paints, and more or less waste them. because this project took SO much paint. these paints are not cheap, people.

we were required to paint a color chart. It could be within a picture like mine is {not many people did this} or you could paint 96 popsicle sticks and line them up, make a checkerboard of 96 colors, whatever you wanted. no ones turned out the same. it was pretty cool.

the color chart had to include 24 hues {based off the primary, secondary, tertiary colors, etc}, then we made a tint, tone, and shade for each of those hues, resulting in 96 colors.

my little owl has all 96 of those colors on his belly.


this little owl made his home in kiana’s room. it’s happy there.

3 responses to “whoooo’s color chart is an owl???

  1. Wowza!! That is so cute!! And so adorable in kianas room!
    I am making livis room into a little owl room too and it's going to be so adorable.

  2. So, this is amazing! maybe one day you could paint and owl for me! haha jk jk it looks really time consuming! but keep up the good work!

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