who would have known that i have such a promising career as a caricature artist?!?

are you laughing as hard as dusty & i do when we view these?

dusty thinks he looks like he is straight off the simpsons!

first photo is the guy we always have to draw/paint, mr. planes/head.

then we had to paint someone else {i chose my husband}.

then we had to paint a self-portrait. truly yours.

i decided to share with you the photos i used as a resource so i could save the visual memory you would have of my husband and i from my paintings.
last photo – kiana’s latest pastel. i love.

however awful my portraits are, you must agree, i paint myself better than i draw myself… remember this?

thank your lucky stars my ‘bachelor of fine arts’ degree that i’m working on is NOT in drawing or painting.

the emphasis is graphic design. with lots to learn…

4 responses to “who would have known that i have such a promising career as a caricature artist?!?”

  1. The painting of you is great. Very very pretty. But let's be honest…. Dusty has seen better days. I was laughing so hard at his and then seeing the picture that it came from… Hilarious. But still better than I could ever do. Way to go.
    P.S. Did Ry drop by the bag of goodies for Kiana?

  2. Jane, thanks so much for sharing these 🙂 It's far better than anything I could ever do! But yes, I chuckled a little at Dusty. Although yours was beaut!

  3. Way, way, way better than I could do; though dusty does look anorexic! Would you be offended if I said that Kiana's picture is my favorite? She really might have a career in the arts!

  4. Anorexic?? I just look like I've been chewing tobacco for 30 years. I've lost most of the soft tissue in my chin and my nose has drooped a little over the hard years…

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