who are you?

recently I have become more curious as to who exactly is reading my blog? On average I receive 300 hits per day. I only have a handful of loyal friend readers who leave me – a handful of comments. I like comments and maybe I want to get to know a few of my readers, better… so, who are you?

Allow me to clarify one thing, I like “sweet & witty remarks.”

NOTHING derogatory.

So, who are you? My stat counter also tells me I have a decent European following and inside the continental United States the mid-west, southern and eastern states seem to have quite a large group of readers… hello, who are you? I believe I have quite thoroughly introduced myself and would like to meet you!

I am very intrigued with the people I have met in the blogging world, an endless amount of inspiration is found from every individual. Really, the pleasure is all mine in meeting you.

come on, leave a comment, and lets be pseudo-blogging friends…

49 responses to “who are you?”

  1. Hi Jane. I’m Amy. I stumbled onto your site one day and read an amazing post about your trip to Mexico. I was hooked. I love “checking in” to see what you are up to. You always seem to be on one type of an adventure or another! I love it. Thanks for blogging!

  2. Hey Jane, it’s Ranee. I love getting up-to-date info on the family. I can’t believe how big they are getting.

  3. Hi Jane,

    I came across your blog through a friend of a friend and just thought your blog was so much fun to read….especially the fun things you do with your kids. I just went private (worried husband), so if you are interested in knowing about me, just send me an email to trishapaddock@yahoo.com. And yes, thanks for blogging too!

  4. Hi Jane, my name is Kellie and I also came across your blog through a friend of a friend and have loved reading about your family. I have loved blogging too because I’ve met new friends who have found our site. Thanks for your fun blog!

  5. Hi Jane, My name is Jessy (I am From Guatemala) living in Spanish fork. I came across your blog through my cousin Talia Hudson (well she is my husband counsin.) She told me to see your blogg on New years, because I am still looking to find a cute clown and she said that you might have a good phone number. Sorry but also I think you are the best MOM with your kids and eventhogh I have not met you I take a little bit of you example to my family. Hey also I will love to see if you can give me some ideas for a b-day party for my little boy he will be 1 on april.

  6. Sorry I also forgot to tell you that I have not update my blogg, because I need to buy a new camera, (i am on the process of buying one) But you can see a few pictures of my whole family and my trip to Guatemala with my first little boy. Feel free to leave me a note.

  7. Hello there blogging friend. I have left a couple of comments before about how much I enjoy your ideas and boundless energy. Your love of life inspires me. I have a husband and two little boys that I adore. I am an activity days leader too and I appreciate your posts with suggestions! Wishing you a wonderful day!

    p.s. I also am a dance choreographer and so if you ever need choreography/routine cleaning for those beautiful girls of yours . . . you know where to find me.

    p.s.s. I have always called my 10 year old brown eyed boy Kobe Bear. I see Kiana is a Bear too. It’s a great thing to be!

  8. Caught red handed! Yes, I will admit I am a blog stalker. Oh, did I say that. Hi Jane! My name is Jennifer and I came across your blog through Troy and Kajia’s. Since you seem to do so much with your kids and have such great suggestions on activities I am now hooked. I have three beautiful boys that run me ragged. I’m always open as to what fun things I could possibly do with them to keep them busy. Sorry for the intrusion but I can’t help it. I also have a blog and a website for my youngest son if your interested in learning about my family and I. Take care and keep the ideas rolling. 🙂

  9. Hi Jane,
    It’s Ruthy, you know who I am, Elle and I check out your blog on a very regular basis. We love seeing the family and keeping up on you. Thanks for being a great sister-in-law. We love you.
    Elle and Ruthy

  10. Hello Jane!

    I found your blog via Joey Brough, she and I we’re ward members and when I first started blogging, I would visit the blog’s of friends at night while I worked, then when I had exhausted those, I started “clicking” on links of my friends friends….Voila! I have also been employed at Sundance Catalog Co for ten years, so we have something in common. I also left a message when you we’re selling your washer/dryer, which I didn’t get, but went and got my own after that!!

    What I love about reading your blog is that you seem to have a very comfotable life, but you come across as very grateful and down to earth and just “one of us”…..

    Catherine Seivert

  11. Hi Jane

    My name is Jasmin Dey.I live in Payson and came across your blog about a year ago.I love looking at it for inspiration and fun ideas for my own family.You have such a cute family and I want to thank you for sharing that with all of us.

  12. Hi Jane- I have been thinking I should say hi for a while now but always forget once I actually have a second to do it! Dang It! 🙂

    Your blog is darling. Can’t remember how I found it, but it is fun to read. How cute was that little love note from your daughter?! I absolutely loved it!

    Hope you don’t mind if I continue to peek from time to time. I’m a provo girl born and raised who now lives in Seattle, so it is fun to see you hit all the places I miss!! 🙁


  13. Hi Miss Jane,
    I’m Rori in park city. Hahaha, I’ve commented a couple times before, and I always comment in my head, but always felt weird actually commenting. I felt like those stories where there’s a loser person, and he/she sees a big group of people laughing and having a great time and walks up to them and tries to subtly join in ‘hahaha, you’re right, that’s so funny’, and the whole group stops laughing and turns and stares at him. I thought that was me :), you were going to be like, who is this stranger danger weirdo spaz commenting on my blog?!? I just adore your sweet family! You are so fun and sassy pants, you are your husband are so lovey-dovey syrupy great, and your kids are so adorable. Thanks so much for sharing!
    PS-did you get a hair-cut? You are such a hot-chica-babe!

  14. Hi! I don’t even know how I found your blog, just loved your new years party! I am in oregon, but have lots of family in utah. your family is adorable and just wanted to say hi! 🙂 hope you don’t mind me snooping. hehe

  15. well, you know us! we just like to keep posted on how you guys are doing. looks like you are having a ton of fun!

  16. Jane- I am a good friend of Britney Wall’s. I met you once at an indoor soccer game. I love reading your blog!
    I am a stay at home mom with 3 kids. I live in St.George,just moved from Spanish Fork.

  17. Hello Jane! I am a friend of Shannon’s and I also went to High School with Troy Blanchard. I stumbled across your blog while looking at Shannon’s and I must say, I’m hooked! We are actually connected another way too, my husband played baseball in college with Troy Farnsworth! He is such a great guy! I was reading your blog one time and he happened to be visiting you. Such a small world! We are also HUGE Red Sox fans! Thanks for letting me snoop in on your wonderful life. My blog is private, but if you want to view it you can email me at craigjessicasmith@comcast.net, and leave me your email address!

  18. Hello Jane-
    I too enjoy reading your blog and have commented a few times. You seem like such a sweet and witty person who loves her family, friends and having a good time. I found your blog through Joey Brough’s and actually just realized that you know Sara Cotton Staker. I grew up in her ward but then went to Skyline. What a small world. And if you see Sara please say Hi to her for me. We are facebook friends, but I have not seen her in over 15 years. I hope you do not mind me checking in every now and again.

  19. Hi Jane,
    What a great blog you have! I always enjoy checking in and seeing what new adventure you and your family are enjoying. I found your blog through a friend of a friend and I am hooked- it’s great fun to read. Too funny , I recognized your friend Becky at a store and almost said Hi like I knew her but thought she might think I was crazy. I have four kids and only one is a girl. So jealous you get to do so much girly stuff. Thanks for the great tips and sharing your wonderful life with us all.

  20. Whoa Jane! You are a full on blogging celebrity! Thank goodness for the blogging world. That is, afterall, how I found you. I like to think we would have been friends regardless:)

  21. Hi Jane,

    I can’t remember how I randomly stumbled across your blog but I enjoyed it so much I kept coming back. I love to see all the cute ideas you come up with for parties. I’m a local utah county dweller with two kids and triplets on the way.

  22. I’m a daily lurker, and LOVE your blog. There are people who have blogs only grandmas and aunts and uncles read (mine), and then there are people like you who blog that lots of people are drawn to. Thanks for sharing your adventures! Your blog is a nice way to get away from the day-to-day of my life.

  23. Busted! I honestly don’t recall how I came across your blog. I am sure a friend of a friend, of the neighbor next door’s, sister-in-law!

    But I along with all of your fans, love to check up and see all of the great activities you do with your kids. Thanks for keeping all of us entertained.

  24. I ran across your blog after seeing it posted on another SUU Alpha Phi-ers blog. Hadn’t heard what you and Dusty were up to so I started checking it out. If you see a reader pop up from India – it is most likely me, I spend half my time there for work.

  25. I just stopped over via Annie’s blog. My first visit, actually. But I love comments too so wanted to spread the comment love. Love your photography. And you have a cute family, and talented it looks like. I love your banner.
    Have a fabulous day!

  26. My name is Amber. I came across your site randomly and have been reading for a while. I’m one of the Southerners 🙂 Nice to meet you, Jane!

  27. Hi Jane. I was Sara Stakers college roommate at Ricks and found your blog through hers. I think you are inspiring and check your blog to see your next adventure. I apologive for ‘stalking’ your blog!

  28. Hey Jane! I still read too! I wish we still had soccer so we could keep up on each other more often! But I love to see what you come up with on the blog too! You are so talented/created and us non-talented/creative people need help! 🙂

  29. Hi, I’m Chelsea. I found you through the Granums. My husband is good friends with Bryan.
    I tried your plastic bag packing tips for my clothes when I went on vacation a few weeks ago… worked like a charm!
    Thanks for all the great tips!

  30. I’m outing my self–Nora Ackerson Mair and my sister Vanessa, you cheered together in high school. She reads too! My favorite post was the camping one–you seemed so out of your element but you loved it, had a great time and even blogged about it. I only blog sporadically but I thought I’d say hi. Also–you guys “do” birthdays exhausting well!

  31. Jane,

    Remember the rather exhausted looking soul you helped with the Asian Pears at Costco yesterday?

    As soon as you left I mentioned to my Mom that you looked familiar to me. But I couldn’t place where I ‘knew’ you.

    It was bugging me for awhile, but I figured it out. 😉

    I come by way of Shannon’s blog. I’m not sure how I found her blog. It was either via a cooking blog or during a Primary’s stay with Parker…a place no parent can sleep…and blog-hopping to pass the time.

    Thank you for your help yesterday. My family enjoyed the pears for an after dinner treat last night.

    I tend to gravitate to blogs that are uplifting and fresh, where I can pick up a few fun ideas.

    If you have any friends that live in Highland, my husband Reed, is the Principal at the Ele. there.

    I hope it is okay if Parker and I continue to check in once and a while.

    Tammy and Parker

  32. I’m Ellen in Boston and I can’t remember how I found your blog. 🙂 I love baking, taking photos, sewing, quilting, exploring New England (though I’ve lived here 20 years) and hanging out with friends.

  33. Hey Jane, it’s me, Suzanne. Sorry I don’t always comment. I still love reading your blog. I’m glad we were finally able to run into each other and meet. I’ve been thinking about doing this survey on my blog again. I do it about every 6 months just to see who’s looking. Thanks for the reminder.

  34. Hi Jane! I got to your blog thru Shannon Taylor…my sister Jane is her sister-in-law. (Their husbands are brothers) Anyways, I just have to say that I love your blog and am so jealous of all the fun things you do with your kids! Hopefully by the time I have kids of my own I’ll be able to refer to your blog for great ideas!

  35. Hi Jane, I’m Karrie and I found your blog through my SIL Jeni (who commented above). I love to see all your cute ideas and my family loves to travel too so I love the posts from far off destinations.

    I also love it when you advertise for things you’re selling/giving away. I really need an eliptical machine…are you getting ready to get rid of one?

  36. Hi Jane! I love your blog and it has been too long now to remember how I stumbled upon it. You have such amazing adventures and you inspire me. I take a peek once in awhile but I always smile when I do. We have a common acquaintance…Lucrecia (Lu)! Her mother is my cousin. I found Lu through your blog..didn’t know she had one so that was a fun surprise. I love your generous and positive outlook and all the great things you do with your family and friends.

  37. Hi Jane, I have wanted to introduce myself for a while but wasn’t sure how to do it. So thank you for giving us all the opportunity! My daughter Haley danced with Kiana last year at Center Stage. We moved back “home” to SLC at the end of last summer. Although we miss Center Stage emmencely, it was to nice to be back home. Next time we attend a Center Stage event I will try to find you and introduce myself in person.

    Haley and I were blog surfing about a year ago and Haley recognized Kiana. I have been hooked ever since. You have the most entertaining life! you’re so kind to share EVERY event with us! It’s so fun to see what you’re up to now.

    I don’t blog, but I do facebook. Are you on facebook? My email is krissyh2@yahoo.com.

    Have a great day and again, thank you for your super fun blog!

  38. I found your blog through a friend’s, and I love it! As a single girl, I usually don’t read blogs about kids and family life, but you make motherhood look so fun and glamorous. Keep up the good work!

  39. Hi Jane, I’m Wendy from Lexington, Kentucky. I can’t remember how I stumbled onto your blog, but it was about 6 months ago and I’m hooked! I have 2 children ages 4 and 8. I love your blog! I am inspired daily – adventures with your family, cool crafts, yummy recipes, style tips etc. etc. etc. You seem like an amazing family full of love and support for one another. So thank you for your blog, and please don’t ever stop 🙂

  40. Hi Jane,
    I found your blog from Troy and Daph's. I'm not sure if you would remember me but I'm Jenny Willis Powell we were in Alphi Phi together and I was roomates with Mary, Jaime, Kathie, Jennie & Margie our second year at SUU. I am married to Bryant (aka Flacko name given to him by Troy while they were serving in Equador together on their missions). Anyways I take a peek at your blog every so often, I hope that's ok, it's fun to see how everyone's family is growing up. We have a blog it is http://www.bjpowellfamily.blogspot.com if you want to check it out sometime (you know with all that free time you have) Anyways darling family you have, thanks for sharing!

  41. Jane, I seriously can’t believe the respone you got to this request! I tried to find out who was reading my blog when I did my 100’s post and I only got ONE blog-stalker to fess up. 42 must be some kind of record. You go girl!

  42. Hey Aunt Jane! It is Bridget…thanks for keeping up with the blog…it is a wonderful way to “keep in touch” with you guys and see what you are up too! You have inspired me too start my own…

  43. Hello I am Becky Kimball’s SIL Megan. Pleased to meet you via blog. She showed me how creative you are on your blog with some of the things you do. I frequent your blog to get inspired. Thanks for the inspiration. I will keep checking in.

  44. Jane,

    Hello my name is Christy I live in Az! I came across your blog through a friend. I am an avid reader, you have a zest and energy for life. A beautiful family and great ideas for parties and celebrations for the holidays. I too have four kiddo's…Carley 10, Harrison & Madison 7 and Avery 2….Hope you don't mind…My hubby even gets a kick out of the blog..Swimming in Jan in the snow…We only wish for that in AZ….Take care…

    Christy 🙂

  45. HI Jane,
    I’m not sure how I came across your blog, but I love checking in to see what projects you’ve done with the girls and what new adventures your family has been on. Thanks for sharing!

  46. Hi Jane,

    I am from Elma, grew up in Elma ward and my mom was a Valentine (you know….oldest sis to Jenny and Annie Valentine). Of course when Jen told me she found you I had to check it out. It was wonderful to see you have such a loving family. I remember you being kind of shy. Looks like you got over it!

    Love your blog, it’s really fun!
    Kelly Seaberg

  47. Hi Jane, I too came across your blog from a friend of a friend. I love your exercise tips and the fun you have with your kids. I live in Germany, my hubby is in the military. We’re both from Arizona with family all over Utah. Thanks!

  48. I’ll admit…I blog stalk you! 🙁 I just think it is so fun reading up about your life. I am not sure how much you would remember me. I am Ruthanne (Fuller) Hotton from GHS. I saw you through Joey and Richards blog. I know my sister-in-law, Sheri Holdaway Fuller, reads your blog too…maybe because I showed it to her in the first place. lol 🙂 She doesn’t have a blog though. I live in West Jordan. I’ll continue reading/spying on you and maybe I just might leave a message. You have a beautiful family.

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