while we were having dinner at tepanyaki’s,

kj’s fingers were covered in slimey blood.



and wiggling

and wiggling and wiggling

his tooth!

then, he let me pull it out!

his very first tooth to lose…

he has decided to not put it under his pillow until he sees the movie,
the ‘tooth fairy,’ which to be honest, i’ve heard is lame and i’m
not looking forward to those two hours…but we will all endure for this guy.

because his night was so exciting, kj asked to sleep in our room,
dusty & i have a red velvet chaise lounge in our room that is the coveted spot to sleep, if you are one of our kids.
kj also asked that i make him a burrito to sleep in…

how could i say “no” to that?

so, as i was taking quilts out of our linen closet,
i was reminding kj how special it is that we have so many
‘grandma connie’ quilts…

i was also reminding him how amazing his grandma was,
grandma connie was so talented, she was full of life, loving, forgiving,
and even though grandma connie has passed away,
she is still keeping her family warm with her quilts.

at this point in the conversation, kj said,

“yeah, we will get to see grandma connie again in the afterlife,
we’ll get to all live together again in the afterlife…
even with master chief.”


i couldn’t say “no” to that one either.

5 responses to “while we were having dinner at tepanyaki’s,”

  1. Must be a first grader? lol
    Treyson tried to 'trick' the tooth fairy the other day with his tooth fairy pillow and a wad of white paper. Didn't work. Weird.

  2. yahoo for loose tooths!! I have to admit, we totally liked the "tooth fairy" i know jenn said it was lame! haha

    kj says the cutest sayings!

  3. Ok, so we liked the movie too! Maybe it is because Mikey had just lost his tooth. That is SO cute that he wanted to sleep in your room after that. I love this age!

    BTW you have to tell me your secrets to looking so rock hard in a swimsuit!! Give me your ab secrets please!
    Looks like Maui was amazing!!

  4. Yeah! The first of many teeth to go. The first one is always the most exciting. Funny how we were just talking about that in Maui. Welcome to the awkward stage, KJ!

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