when mama wasn’t looking…

Sela was in the mud room bathroom…Disclaimer: This is the first time out of 4 Rhodes children that I have caught one IN the toilet…what in the world!?! maybe she wants to be potty trained?

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  1. Hee Hee! Kaden did this once when he was like one and a half (same age!). I found him sitting backwards facing the tank, flushing it over and over and just giggling… it was like his own little whirlpool! In the moment, I was too horrified to think of running for a camera, so I missed out on pictures. (I was, however, so glad it was clean… well, relatively, considering!) 🙂

  2. OH MY, What a cutie!! That is so hilarious! I am hoping you scrubbed her down With Terpentine after. hehe

  3. We are becoming better acquainted with the toilets over at our house too but I NEVER thought about this little scenario!

    This is the perfect picture to tease Sela with when she is older!

  4. I am dying right now. First of all, did she take her clothes off before she got in or was she already naked? Second of all, I hope that toilet was clean and even then it still it makes me want to throw up seeing her in there. I guess it’s not that bad I’m just a freak and wouldn’t even touch Bella if I found her in the toilet. She’d be in there til Lance got her out. I’m seriously gagging. But I do have to say, I love Sela’s face and it is a classic picture. It should be in a toilet cleaning ad

  5. AAAGH, I would have had a freak out. You are so good to get the camera. It is so funny! She is a doll.

  6. I HAVE NEVER SEEN SUCH A FUNNY THING. Her face says it all…”Ummm……I guess I’m in the toilet…am I in trouble.”
    Way funny. I love that you got a picture of it.

  7. How funny is that! Crew is into splashing the toilet water with his hands, disgusting! I won’t show him this picture for fear that he will think it’s a super cool idea.

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