“When I broke my head.”

In Myla’s 2nd grade class her teacher does this project all year long called “Traveling Tales,” and each kid gets a turn about 3-4 times through-out the year to make one. Myla came home with a HUGE back-pack packed with everything she could or would possibly use to write/create/make a book. She gets about 1 week to choose a topic, write the story, edit, make the book, pictures, bind it, etc. Myla chose to write about when she was 3 weeks old and was dropped…got a double skull fracture/etc…many of you remember. She loves to tell the story of this. Minus all the teasing she now gets from her family for being dropped on her head. Then after she turns it in the parents are invited on the day she reads her book to the class, to sit next to her while she reads. After she reads it to the class, her book is then added to the “in-class” library and other kids can check out her book to read. It’s really cute.

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  1. What an amazing idea! I love that teacher! I ran into her at a Stake RS Secretary meeting ’cause apparently she’s teh sec in her ward. I waas all excited to meet her (like a doting fan) and then had to remember that I’d heard all about her and she knew nothing of me 🙂 Even in Myla’s cute words, that story will still make me cry.

  2. oh, how cute!!
    We did that last week, and Boston’s book was Titled “Today my brother bit me” he informed me that it was “Fiction” hehehe
    (really not)
    I love the HUGE backpack that they get and then the cute idea of putting it into the Class Library, she really is the BEST teacher!

  3. She is extremely cute! What a great story (great that it turned out so positive) and fun class project!! I need to go ask my kids what they would write about if they had to do it….

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