wheat berries & edamame

husband and i attended a dinner party here in boston in January – where the above appetizer was served. it’s a mix of wheat berries, shelled edamame, seasoned with freshly squeezed lemon, sea salt, and pepper. served on endive. since having this delicious appetizer at the dinner party, i have made it twice. once at home for lunch and once in utah for another party. i prefer the mix served on green leafy lettuce, the endive is a bit bitter but makes it look prettier. so, it’s your choice what type of lettuce you serve this on. the dish is not packed with too many flavors, but it’s fresh, easy, and addictive.

if you are new to wheat berries, check this out. i purchase them ready to go at our local whole foods.

happy eating!
let me know if you try it! xo.

{photo by me.}

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  1. Looks delish! My mom always made wheat berry chili growing up, it was wonderful and hearty without any meat. Guess I’m gonna have to go find some wheat berries 🙂

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