What I learned from my Dad…

1. Ride a Bike.
He bought me a bike from a flea market, banana seat – daisies on the seat, streamers on the handles, I remember he spent hours holding the back of my seat till I learned to balance on my own. I definitely learned the importance of balance. My elbows still have scars from some big first crashes.
2. How to throw a softball.
do not… “throw like a girl.”
3. How to bowl.
I LOVE to go bowling! Anyone want to join a league with snazzy little bowling shirts and all?!? hehe. If so, check this link here to get an idea of the balls you can get, ready for our fun, haha!
4. How to grow a garden.
It is therapeutic for me to get my hands in the dirt, and I love to grow things that my family can be nourished from.
5. Play games.
6. Play fair. Talk trash.
7. Tell the truth, tell the truth, tell the truth.
8. Save my allowance – Don’t buy something, just because you can.
9. He taught me how to make strawberry freezer jam.
10. Respect everyone.
11. Respect & appreciate diversity.
12. Be involved in politics, not a day went by that I spent with him that he wasn’t grumbling at the news.
13. How to fish.
14. Have an opinion.
15. Be skeptical.
16. How to drive. I got pulled over for my first time when I was 13 driving in Washington State with my Dad…
17. How to put gas in a car.
18. Work hard.
19. Help your neighbors.
20. How to dig for clams.
21. Get an education.
22. Go to church.
23. Fight for freedom & the freedom of choice.
24. To be liberal, maybe a little too much.
25. Always travel.
26. Whatever your dream is, you can accomplish it.
27. Use my hands to build things.
28. Eat sun-warmed tomatoes in the garden with salt.
29. Visit your friends.
30. Volunteer.

4 responses to “What I learned from my Dad…

  1. Okay Rob and I have talked about doing a summer bowling league down here but need more couples, so if you’re interested it could be a lot of fun!

  2. So sweet! I don’t hear you talk about your Dad, alot, so this was fun to hear your memories of him. And what a sweet old school pic! Total early 80’s! I laugh that the photo you use on your bogger profile is sitting on the mantel in the background! 🙂 Hee hee!

    And awesome dress… Did your Mom save it so Myla can wear it? (MY Mom still has like ALL of my old clothes, so sadly, if I ever have a girl, she will be in trouble! Maybe that’s why God is sending me boys.. to spare some poor little soul the grief!

  3. Jane, so sweet! He sounds so awesome!
    You seem to be alot like your dad, i love how many wonderful memories you treasure with him.
    Seriously you look like KJ in that picture!

  4. What a thoughtful tribute to your dad. And I love that I recognize your picture in the background! I too had that dress (in red).

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