What happens in Vegas…

“a plan to make plans…”
hmmm, sounds a little like me.
maybe I need a trip to Vegas.?. 🙂

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  1. I’ve seen ads for this all over London and Paris. I am excited to see it. I think it comes out here in a few weeks. Looks Fun.

    We actually saw the red carpet all laid out for the Premiere of Iron Man here in London. The camera man said the stars were coming down it soon, but we were on our way to the theater and couldn’t wait around. Almost my first premiere:)

  2. wow jane you should be a movie critic with all the movies you have seen. If I need a review, I always check out your blog to see what you thought of it.lol

  3. I want to see this – looks funny. Ashton Kutcher is hit and miss with me. Sometimes funny and sometimes just stupid and over dramatic.

  4. From: Teresa Adams
    Trendee Party! Everyone and Anyone Is Invited!!!

    I’m having a Trendee Party Thursday May 22nd. They have designer name brand clothes for 40-60% off retail prices! It’s open house style from 7:00 to 9:00pm at my mom’s new house in Provo. 338 South 2210 West Provo,Ut Directions: On Center St. in Provo go West, at 2050 west left, take your first right at 410 south, take your first right again on 2210 west. It is the last house on the left hand side of the road.

  5. Hey Jane,
    I need 4 baseball shirts for my vocal group. Could I order it from you? Do you know who I should talk to?

  6. Saw it, loved it, want to look like Cameron Diaz, want to go to Vegas, want to win $3 mill, want, want, want.

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