we’re outta here!

in three directions…

kiana and i are headed to beverly hills,
dance nationals.

dusty and myla are headed to hong kong and the philippines.

kj and sela are headed to nevada for some auntie time…

grandma is going to hold down the fort at home.

we’ll be gone ten days!

i’ll be checking in when i can…to twitter, facebook, and blog!
see you later!

2 responses to “we’re outta here!”

  1. We will be in Cali next week for dance nationals. We go to Hollywood Vibe, which one do you guys do?

  2. Wow. Sounds like a lot of fun. That's cool Myla gets to spend some time with her Dad. My kids will be sad they are gone but I'm sure it'll be a nice break for you not having the neighborhood running through your house. I promise I try to get them to stay at my house but we just don't have anything fun over here! It's all in Japan. Enjoy the break. Let's try to do lunch or something when you are back and before I leave.

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