we’re a bit crazed with some chaos right now…

but, it’s beautiful chaos…

over labor-day weekend,

we met up with friends for some campfire time.
{you can see more pics here}
our favorite campfire treat totally trumps a s’more!
we make banana boats
that are deeelishious!


take a banana, leave the peel on, and slice it right down the middle.
place in foil, fill the banana with chocolate and marshmallows
wrap it up in the foil,
place it in the campfire
and a few minutes later…

you have grilled delicousness!

this time, i had rolos in our stash of campfire goodies,
oh my gosh. the caramel and chocolate with the marshmallows…
i happily ate two.

condensed heaven right in a banana!

the next weekend, kj and big papi went on a father/son camping trip.
they stayed in sweet cabins with favorite buddies,
enjoyed more campfire time, hiked around in the mountains…

kj came home from the trip and said,
“i loved it! can’t wait to go next year!
can we go again tonight?!?”

{kj and his buddy tegan, holding hiking sticks a.k.a. play guns}

our kids’ school had their annual carnival this past monday.
i was a volunteer & served nachos…
my kiddo’s would run around to all the events,
then come back and visit me in-between.

my heart triple beats when kids run by and say,
“hi myla’s mom!”, “hi kj’s mom!”
i found myself literally pausing, to soak in
how extremely happy i am, in this stage of life.

the carnival was a classic afternoon filled with hairspray coloring,
face painting, rides, games, prizes,
an awesome silent auction, and lots of food/treats…

and finally, my creative head went to bed so happy last night.
in my digital prepress class, we started designing notepads this week.
i can’t believe it’s an assignment! it’s so gloriously fun.
i might just refuse to sleep, and design notepads around the clock,
for the next few days. i love it. next week we are printing them in class!

have a beautiful weekend,
here in happy valley, it’s going to be
sunny & hot!

will we see you at “racing cane” on saturday morning???

if by chance you are attending the ‘governor’s ball’ this weekend in slc, utah,
look for my miss twelve, she will be performing in the finale with CS!


4 responses to “we’re a bit crazed with some chaos right now…”

  1. oh how i love the school carnivals!! i am so glad to hear KJ loved camping, i remember a few years back when Dusty took him on the father/sons and he ended up coming home in the middle of the night. hahaha

    I am dying to see your awesome notepads… you are always so creative! See you at the race!!

  2. We tried banana boats while camping and they were so much fun to make. Add mini candy bars (snickers) or golden grahams cereal for an even sweeter boat!

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