welcome, welcome…please come in!


…take off your shoes & stay a while!

{i’m so excited to have you here!}



so?  what do you think, about my new site???
{i hope you like it!}

can i just say, writing/posting my first wordpress post is unnerving! i feel like a new kid in jr. high!
like: i don’t know where i’m going & i might get lost! every button i push… might do the wrong thing!

cheers to new adventures!


{photo by me. a beautiful flower & a beautiful day in my front yard, yesterday.}


20 responses to “welcome, welcome…please come in!”

  1. Janey! You’re live! And in true Jane fashion just minutes into May 25th. Prompt. You have tabs! So official. I especially love the About Us page. All the pics perfectly capture everyone–Myla is especially charming. Great job!! You did it!! Loves–big hug–Daph

  2. It looks fantastic Jane! I love the new look. The categories at the top of the blog are probably my favourite though — quick access to some of the most interesting and fun posts on your blog. Great job!

  3. LOVE the new site!! You are just so adorable! I love following you and your adorable family! The site really does look absolutely fantastic!!

  4. @kim… {thank you!} and…the flowers are called, “allium.” and they are GORGEOUS! so much prettier in person.

  5. Oooh, it’s so fresh! It’s beautiful and simple just like you 🙂 I had so much fun eating lunch with you today. I’m gonna miss having you down the street.

  6. Love the new site!

    I’ve been trying to add it to my reader and have been unsuccessful – any chance there is something going on with your feed? Or is it just my lack of skill.

  7. Jane! I stumbled across your blog about a year ago and fell in love! I love your DIY posts and your creative style! But I will miss the workout/diet posts you had on your old blog…I would love an update on how you do it! congrats on the new website!

  8. I am in L.O.V.E…love. It is nothing short of the perfection that you are. The about me page…love, the desgin…love, everything…love! I so need your help!!!

  9. I love the new look! It looks great!

    …I’m also not sure how to get the link to work on google reader…let me know if you have any ideas!

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