weirdo glasses

the easter bunny hopped on by at nighttime on easter eve again, this year! i can still hear the squeals and screams of excitement when they saw his note taped on the front door—

the only bummer, it was so dark outside that i none of my pictures turned out + the videos i took are little spots of flashlights bobbing around in the blackness of night. + more screams of, hey! i found one! there’s more on the trail! ahhhhhhhhhh! mom look! omgosh, what’s on the porch? dad, i need to find six more! the bunny brought us gifts! ::wink: it was a very beautiful moment in time.

the silly bunny gave kj these weirdo glasses.

maybe i’m just a goofball, but i think they are hilarious! cheers to silly family memories. xo.

i may just steal these from kj for a while & take pictures of all my friends in them – i’ll create a wierdo friends & family photo album!

{photos by me. this is not a sponsored post.}

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