weekend. weekend. weekend.

we have lots of fun plans, and very disappointingly won’t be able to make it to the chalk art festival at the gateway but we went last year and loved it!

if you are in the salt lake city area, you don’t want to miss it on friday or saturday! i like going on saturday to see all the finished chalk art!


friday evening, you will find us at:

Center Stage Performing Arts Studio
Dance Company Showcase
Last time to see the numbers being competed at nationals!
Location: Ragan Theater
Time: 6:30PM Friday, June 19th


then we’re off to a family wedding!


right this minute: i love this

LOVE STORY (Taylor Swift) meets VIVA LA VIDA (Coldplay) – Piano Cello – by Jon Schmidt

and read the story here from ksl.


ooh-la-la, next weekend!!!

Bijou Market is a Utah marketplace featuring about 30 local vendors and their handmade goods. Utahns, mark your calendars! Their big show is coming up soon – June 27th.

7 responses to “weekend. weekend. weekend.”

  1. I love that you tube. We actually listen to it all the time!
    Thanks for the info. That Bijou Market looks awesome!
    Good Luck Girls, my nieces have performances at the Covey center this weekend too, must be a Dance weekend!

  2. Busy weekend, but fun too! I love watching dance recitals. I love that you tube video, it is beautiful!

  3. That chalk festival is awesome! Will they be able to still do it? We hear you are having rain nonstop! And a side note on Geoff's facebook – that was me setting it up for him. 🙂 He would NEVER take the time to do it but he likes to hear from everyone and have old friends from high school find him. I too have found friends I haven't spoken to in 20 years (wow! I'm old)!

  4. One of these years maybe we'll actually stay in Utah for the summer so I can enjoy some of these fun summer outings they have. My friends mom is a part of the Bijou Market I so wish I could go!!!! I can't say I'm not enjoying the things Portland has to offer for the summer. Nothin like revisiting you're childhood for a summer. Its a blast!
    That Jon Schmidt video is so….AWESOME! I wish i could think of a better word. But seriously, listening to it is kind of inspiring. He has got some talent. Thanks for sharing that. Have a great weekend at the wedding.

  5. oh i love john schmidt! AND both of those songs so how on earth did i miss this???? thanks for posting…

  6. Oooh, I like it!
    My beginnng girls (modern) are dancing to this song done by the Vitamin String Quartet. They do everything in violin… even Metalica! Check it out!

  7. Oh, and I wish I could come see your girls dance. I love seeing the videos you post. If I lived in UT I'm sure I'd want to be part of 'Center Stage' there too!

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