week in review…

Sunday night, Dusty said:
“Who wants to camp out on the Balcony with Dad?”
Very quickly, came 3 replies…

“Me!” -Myla
“Me too!” -KJ
“Not me! Mom, Can I sleep with you if Dad’s outside?” -Kiana

Dusty made up very comfy beds out on the balcony for everyone at about 9pm…

By 10pm, the thrill of it all had worn off for KJ and he tip-toed back inside asking me to tuck him into his bed… {Because I was awake – on the computer – digi scrapping}

Right after I tucked KJ into bed I sneaked outside to take a photo –
Within 2 hours, Dusty & Myla came inside…

So much for the balcony camp-out!

it was a lot of bedding/blankets to fold up and put away the next day…

Lets be honest, we’re just not a camping family!

* * * * *

Earlier this week, I mentioned KJ scored 2 goals at his soccer game. After the 1st goal he scored, he ran back to mid-field cheering and laid down. I imagine, he was so overwhelmed with satisfaction he had to rest from all the excitement. His buddy quickly ran over by him, laid down, and they began pointing at the clouds and chatting – remember, it’s still the middle of the game!
KJ’s littlest fan – she demands to carry her own chair on and off the field…

Taking a break while waiting to be sub’d in…

* * * * *

I went along with Kiana & Myla on their class field trips to the “Timpanogos Storytelling Festival.” I like it just as much as the kids do. Storytelling is such an engaging-amazing talent. Shannon and I were driver-buddies together, and this picture was taken when we arrived at the Festival a bit too early because we missed the memo to park our vehicles at the park one mile north of the festival and walk one mile to avoid parking problems at the festival…whoops. Bonus, all the kids in our groups were pleased they missed the one-mile walk. 🙂

Funny thing, we asked a kind gentleman to take a picture of us – this is the angle it turned out as –
Here’s the one I tried to alter in Photoshop… mind you, my photoshop skills are not polished…
Myla and her friend Cassidy
Hanging out, waiting for the show to start –
At the park after we had a picnic for lunch –

I was able to go watch Dusty’s indoor soccer game tonight – the DIRTY STARS WON!
Congratulations, men!
It was an exciting game 6-3, and my ever-so-athletic husband did an incredible job as goalie!

From there, I had a fabulous finish to my day by sneaking into Bunco a bit late…
I have my priorities straight, let me tell you, I can’t ever miss a family soccer game!

Bethani did a beautiful job of hosting, and I came out a very fortunate winner tonight! woo-hoo!

3 responses to “week in review…”

  1. Great Photoshop Skills! It looks much better.

    LOVE that the kids slept outside for like 1 hr. It looked so comfy too.
    (Really i can’t believe Dusty suggested it)

    Sela’s hair has gotten so long, how fun to do all these cute braids.

  2. The story festival was awesome. I chaperoned Tyler and his class on Thursday. The storytellers were amazing.

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