we were rockstars…

for dusty’s birthday!

first, we ate here. our favorite tex-mex stop.
then we went here, for the dueling pianos show.
then we stayed here. our fave boutique hotel in slc.

dusty and i added a new first to our list
this was the first time for either of us to
stand on a piano…in a public setting…singing and dancing.


thank you to all our friends who joined us,
you are all too. much. fun!!!

we love you. xoxo.

3 responses to “we were rockstars…”

  1. Looks like fun! I would, however, expect a little better song than the Hokey Pokey from a bunch of sexy mommas on the piano!

  2. That place looks so cool! I love the dueling pianos. and the fact that you girls dancing on the pianos and DUSTY that is pretty hilarious!

    Fun stuff, sorry we missed out!

  3. Ha! Not sure how/why we missed out on this night of fun and laughs, but that is my favorite, beloved cousin, Troy, playing piano for all for you! He is king of the dueling pianos at Tavernacle! Hee hee! Would've been fun to be there with you guys! We'll have to go again! 🙂

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