we love summertime…

but we love it even more, when the granums are in town!

i know i boast about my neighborhood, but i really just love the memories our kids are going to grow up and have of their childhood. i adore these women and with the granums in town we are non-stop fun.

play. play. play.

one of our first stops this week-

cowabunga bay

we ended the evening with a family dinner at tucano’s, and a date night for the adults at “the ugly truth.” funny. funny. funny. i really like katherine heigl.

another adventure {with water fountains, food, & shopping}…

the gateway
in the evening, we split the kids and adults up for another movie night!

the kids went to “aliens in the attic” and loved it- “it was hilarious!”
and the adults went to “funny people.” this was the second time for dusty and i to see this movie in the past week. i’ll admit, the first time i liked it but thought it was a bit too crude at times. the second time around, i liked it more. cute. i really like the part where the kids/mom put peanut butter on their cheeks/nose/ear for the dogs to lick off. so funny!then the kids stayed out late playing “night games,” in our neighborhood.

so fun.

more to come, the granums are still in town!

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