“we live in a snow globe!” – shannon taylor

FINALLY. We really have snow!

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  1. OK – I started posting comments and realized I’d be doing it all day – I can’t believe we missed so much! So here’s a condensed version of my comments – so cute that KJ and Teegan are best buddies – your house looks amazing for the holidays – you look like you had a great Thankgiving – the football day looks like a blast – Kiana’s Nutcracker pics are adorable; can’t believe we will miss this too! OK – those are things that stood out to me the most. See you soon! Oh, PS, we LOVED Mylas bday invitation and Chase is so excited he will be here this year for her party! He talked about her A LOT in Hawaii (sorry Dusty). I promised him they could play soon. Call me.

  2. We totally live in a Snow globe! I especially love driving down the road behind Golds gym and seeing all the trees topped with white, it feels like a little tunnel!
    Pretty Pictures!

  3. Beautiful pictures! I love how the snow stayed put in all of the trees and bushes. It felt like a winter painting.

  4. That is SO beautiful! I’m sad that I will not be able to enjoy the snow this Christmas. Unfortunetely we will be staying here in Hawaii through the Holidays due to baby number two coming in a week or so. Love the snow for the Ford’s in Hawaii!

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