we {heart} macy’s carts


3 responses to “we {heart} macy’s carts”

  1. Ahhhh.. your kids are so adorable, how lucky is Sela to have big brother driving her around the store?
    Brady loves these carts but I have a hard time steering them around when the cart gets loaded with cases of diet coke!

  2. I know kids love those cars, but I hate them! Maybe it’s just the combination of my Luke and those cars, but I seriously avoid them at all cost.

    What does this say about me as a mother vs. you as a mother? =)

  3. We also love them… except that all 3 boys don’t fit well… and of course, no one wants to walk. We are thinking of petitioning for the SUV or stretch-limo vehicle-carts. (They need to accomodate our larger families here in Utah… what will I do with 4?)

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