We {heart} activity days…

Activity Days, returns! I have had a 5-month break from activity days, leader. There was not a single girl in our ward currently 8 years old till Myla, last month. So, we had our first activity tonight with Myla, 2 friends/neighbors who are almost 8, Kiana & Madi who are almost 10 but don’t get to go to activity days with their leader very often because they have busy schedules, and of course, KJ.

We made these cute fleece {heart} pillows ~~~ I have TONS of fleece left over from the Christmas blankets I made, and I let each girl put together whatever she wanted…it was a lot of fun!Starlee hung out to make one with us, and check out how cute hers was!!!

7 responses to “We {heart} activity days…”

  1. How fun! Too bad we aren’t in your ward Kate and Myla could be in it together (Kate will be 8 in June-and is so excited for Activity Days!) I know you have to be the coolest leader! LOVE the pillows so cute!

  2. Great Idea, i may need you to show me how to do it, so cute for a Valentines Activity!
    I am so excited to have Kiana and Maddy in my AD for next month!!

  3. Hi Jane- Those pillows are so cute I wanna do it for my activity day girls, I have 16, is that impossible?? Let’s do lunch sometime.

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