we are cut-out for each other!

we have had a strange winter in new england. after all the crazy stories about how awful it would be, we have only had one snowstorm this past october and that is it! it’s been beautiful, and unseasonably warm.

however, week before last we had two days of rain + i had two kids fighting stomach bugs, so they stayed home from school. this was the perfect opportunity for us to create valentine’s day cards!

…and that we did.

all of our card designs this year are treat-free, so if that is something you need, these might be good for you. {i will be posting 3 ideas this week.}

sela has 9 boys & 9 girls {including her} in her class, per sela’s request she wanted to make cards for the girls & cards for the boys.

i saw this garland on pinterest last year & using the idea, we created these. lookie, lookie:

♥ yarn/twine
♥ vintage book paper {here.}
♥ paper cutter
♥ heart die-cut {here.}
♥ glue

1: fold paper in half, cut to size: 2.5″w x 2″h
2: cut-out heart die-cut + place over yarn & glue.

3: continue glueing heart cut-outs onto the yarn. we used 5 cut-outs per garland, spacing them approx. 4″ apart.

4: ♥ print the labels.
i designed a printable you can download for free here!

5: have your child sign & glue the labels onto card stock. our cards were sized 6″x 6″, and we used brown kraft card stock.

♥ when the garland & cards are finished, we wrapped the garland around the card, and using washi tape, affixed the yarn to the back of the card. {shown above.}

with our left-over cut-out hearts, we made more heart garland!

to make the others, take a piece of yarn {we used twine for this} and glue one heart on each side. ta-da!

i’m excited to share my other valentine’s ideas this week, make sure to come back & see what they are! {one of them includes bow-ties!}

{this is what we did last year.}

{all photos and labels, by me.}

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  1. How cute! I love this! Thank you so much for sharing. Both of my kids are doing treat free Valentine’s this year too. I love washi tape! So fun…thank you so much Jane!

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