water for elephants.

while on our anniversary getaway,
i snuggled up with big down blankets, and a cup of tea to read:

a great story about life on a train circus during the depression.

a little love, a little risque with a little action {in a variety of ways}, a little culture peek into life at another time.

and, the movie is coming out the end of april… {see the trailer here}

my dear readers {as-in, readers who read my blog who also read books}:

what did you think of this book, have you read it???

i loved it. fast-paced and entertaining.

and, an amazing-theme for a night at book club. check this out for darling ideas!

2 responses to “water for elephants.”

  1. Loved it. Quick and entertaining. I can't wait for the movie! Have you read The Help? That is one of my favorites and I've heard they are making that into a movie as well. Happy reading!

  2. Ha! Fancy that! Heather (Rita) is doing my blog re-design! She is fabulous and doing such a great job… bringing my vision into html life! I can't wait to finish it up! How are you two ladies acquainted?

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