want to join the no sugar bandwagon?

by most standards, I really haven’t been too bad…


by my standards…I’ve been a very, very bad girl.

So, starting today I am DONE with sugar. again.

100% DONE.

I have a friend, and we are going to be each other’s motivation in this, it’s too hard to go it alone. anyone else want to join us? I’m thinking at least 3 months, noooo sugar {except holidays.}

time to get reaady for SWIMSUIT season!
{strangely enough, it’s currently SNOWING outside!}

no white or wheat bread {i eat spelt bread}, no pasta, potatoes, SUGAR in general=candy, cookies, cake, CUPCAKES… done. any questions? click here. in just a few days, I will be feeling sooooo good!

16 responses to “want to join the no sugar bandwagon?

  1. OK I am on the band wagon. I need help! So I am on it girl! I have to get ready for my first race of the season in June so be prepared I may call you for moral support!

  2. I’m in! I started something similar last wednesday and have never seen such speedy results…so far. I’m nervous I won’t be able to stick with it but I have to try!

  3. Count me in too! I know the first few days are so hard, but i can do it, especially if I know you are doing it with me!!

    I may be calling you too! haha

  4. Funny, my boys just challenged me to one month without sugar, they even said they would do it with me. I don’t know, I’ve been hooked since I was 2.

    I will have to let you know how I do. We are starting April one.

  5. Totally doing it already! Totally grumpy because I am a self declared Carbo-holic! But I feel so much better! I did cheat yesterday and had about 5 M&M's…I felt so sick! That is good right!

    Thanks for always being so inspiring!

  6. I’m so NOT IN! But I will sacrifice and eat enough sugar for both of us babe! I promise I will not complain or gripe either. I will take it for the team. 🙂 Truly I do promise to be a good boy and not eat any naughty stuff around you.

  7. I’m with Dusty:) Every time I try to not eat sugar, I somehow end up talking myself into thinking “Life is too short.” I love my treats.

  8. I’m in! I’ve been naughty lately too. I will have kinda free days for Easter and my birthday, though!

  9. Good luck with that! I have to allow myself an occasional treat or else it’s Miss Piggy when those holidays roll around! But I’m down with no white bread or pasta. That’s pretty easy.

  10. I dont know if I can do it-never have, but I’ve got to do something after this cute little baby did a number on my body! It is worth it though…any tips to help ease the pain at first?

  11. I’m done with sugar as well. I need to be ready for the beach this summer…well, at least for not frightening people on the beach. Could you give a few more sample days (like you did on your diet post)? Maybe some ideas of what else you eat for lunch and dinner? I’m pretty good at eating right if I don’t have to think about it too much. My thinking tends to lead to baked goods. Ack!

    Thanks! Sarah

  12. So here’s a question for you…. do you eliminate fruits?? When I go hardcore I usually don’t eat them but now I feel they are important for other reasons. Just curious how other people view the sugars in fruits.

  13. Fart. I guess I’m on board too, since I’m supposed to be wearing a wedding dress in a couple months….double fart. (not fart on the ‘wedding’ part of the dress, just crap on the fit in a dress in front of people part :))
    No really though, thanks for the wake up call. I’m kind-of-mostly-all-the-way-on-board-and-excited!

  14. ugh. i was in cali last weekend and forgot that the Northface jacket DOES eventually come off, even in Boston. I need a kick in the pants to do this. after my houseguests leave I am all over this.

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