volleyball nite

number four!

funny story about our champions-picture. after our first round in the volleyball tourney, we THOUGHT we were the champions. had our celebration. took a picture. THEN we found out it was double elimination tonight. whoops. but that’s OK, because we still ended up being the CHAMPIONS! totally rocked. good karma!

i didn’t get very many pictures tonight. my camera was passed around, but not put to use. bummer. and our action shots were all blurry, not sure why, but by the end of the night my camera was back to normal.

thank you to everyone who came! see you again, soon…


3 responses to “volleyball nite”

  1. You are making me sad with all that volleyball you guys are playing. It looks like a lot of fun:)

  2. Love what looks to be the addition of a ref! Too many competitive boys?! Cant wait for our vball night next week. Miss you guys and all your fun parties!

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