victoria + tanner

this beautiful girl moved in next door to us with her family, when she was thirteen years old… seven years ago.

i’ve watched her grow into the most amazing woman – talented, beautiful, kind, and brilliant.

and now… she’s getting married!!!

i had the honor of designing her wedding invitations + work with her. i’ve decided i really love working with clients when they have the same style as me! i have a serious obsession with fonts, and when victoria wanted a design that focused on typography — i was in design heaven! she had the BEST ideas. it made creating-my-first-wedding-invitations a cinch!

these cards + the picture were all printed on pearl paper, so they have a beautiful shimmer to them.

the only sad part: we are moving before the wedding. it’s going to be spec-tac-ular & i’ll have to see pictures to witness the goodness.

love you, duckworth family! xoxo.

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  1. Beautiful! I kinda wish you had been able to do my friend Kathryn’s invites now because you did an amazing job.

    1. i know…. i totally should have, i was just nervous to work with someone i didn’t know, long distance… victoria and i were able to work one on one, but having done ONE wedding invitation now – bring ’em on!

    1. rebecca! that’s like your third comment in one week! so fun + i’m so proud of you for registering & figuring it all out – you’re ready to have your own blog! want me to design it? ::smiles::

  2. They are so original, yet timeless. I’m very excited to see all your other upcoming designs, I can’t wait! And, I’m bummed I didn’t get to buy your painting at your yard sale. I thought about ripping it out of some chick’s hands and just running and getting squared away later… but that would have been bad karma 🙂 Secretly wishing for more large prints/art created by you in your etsy shop.

  3. How many times have I meant to tell you that I LOVE THEM and never did. Beautiful job! I love the pop of red on the little registration and such cards. What a fun project for you.

  4. Wow! Beautiful! You may have just started a new career for yourself-those will be the envy of all! Add those to your resume folder!

  5. they look so great jane! too bad your in the middle of moving craziness, i would have loved to have you help me with baby louie’s announcements 🙁

    you are so talented!

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