vanessa millecam…

is magical with that camera of hers! such a talented photographer

with the most adorable studio right downtown slc. she has a great niche with urban-style.

she took pictures of my four kiddos a couple months ago,

here’s a peak at some of my favorite pics ~

my recommendation…

call vanessa now!

book your session, get some up-to-date photos of yourself, your family, your dog, what have you, and be ready for christmas cards way early!

vanessa is also a very talented dance-photographer. kiana is doing another session with her soon, something like this, and we can’t wait!

6 responses to “vanessa millecam…”

  1. Gorgeous…adorable…precious…SO sweet!!!! I love all of them, your children are beautiful!

  2. You were right, she did do a fantastic job! Not taking any credit away from her but having super cute models makes it a whole lot easier to get great photos!

  3. i can't even think of a word!!! These are BREATHTAKING!! love love love them…

    that dancer "teysia" is one of witney's best friends! ha how funny.
    Great Photographer. but even better, beautiful babies!

  4. Girl…thanks for your kind words! I loved taking pics of your adorable kids…and yes it does make my job easier 🙂 LOVE! and…can't wait to take dance pics…SO FUN!

  5. What GREAT photos! She did such a wonderful job to capture their personalities. Love them!

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