valentine’s day…

the movie. and the holiday. at our house…

over the years, dusty has been out-of-town more often than in-town for valentine’s day. which is no big deal, to me. it’s not a holiday that we place too much sentimental value on.

plus, i’ve learned…

i get way more spoiled when he’s out of town than when his real love is right next to me!

this year, dusty was on a trip to the philippines, and our oldest daughter kiana was with him. right now our kids are in a rotation of taking turns going with dad ‘alone’ to the philippines, one by one. we all love it there, and this is like the ultimate dad date! myla went last summer, and kiana went this time. {another post to come with their trip details…}

on friday, these beautiful flowers were delivered to my home, for all of us, from daddy & kiana…so sweet!

on friday night, i started the weekend festivities with girlfriends, at the movies…

‘valentine’s day’ – the movie.

A galaxy of stars can’t make me fall for ‘Valentine’s Day,’ but it sure can keep me entertained for two hours! I learned that taylor swift can not act, but it’s enjoyable to watch her try! and, i am always a fan of out-takes, so funny!

bex, mindy, and i attempted to have some young girls take our picture on my iphone, after what felt like aLOT of attempts, these two are the best we got!

i came home from the movie to find these sweet treats from my dear friend, zobeyda.

she works in a bakery & is always spoiling us with her treats!

there was even one cookie with ‘grandma’ on it,

so thoughtful!

on Saturday afternoon, the kids & i went to ‘color me mine’ for some time painting ceramics.

sela was so enthralled with painting an arial & cinderella…she sure loves her princesses!

on Sunday afternoon, the kids and i had valentine’s day dinner at their favorite restaurant – tepanyaki’s.

after our dinner, we met up with some of our favorite howell boys to see ‘percy jackson’s the lightning thief,’ i love this picture of them lined up with their slurpee’s, a staple treat for these kids at the movies!

my kiddos at home on sunday morning, also woke up to valentine’s from their momma,

they were so surprised & excited! we also had a big valentine’s breakfast.

sela’s response to her valentine’s:
“mom! you bot dhis for me?”
betause you love me?!?”
“wow, mom.”

kj is slightly hidden here. behind is big sis, too early for pants, still in his underwear.

the boy does not like pyjamas!

percy jackson & the olympians: the lightning thief’
myla & kiana have read this book, and it’s always fun to take your kids to movies, if they’ve read the book.

i enjoyed seeing greek mythology take hollywood.

the kids all loved it.

kj came & snuggled in on my lap when medusa arrived on scene, but the film is not so scary that children aged seven and above will spend the entire movie hiding behind their fingers.

or on their parents laps.

{which i really enjoy, when my little man still wants to snuggle in, and have me keep him safe!}

I also went with bex on saturday evening to see, ‘dear john,’

dear john, you are a gloomy romantic sap. i should have watched you via red box.

before the movie, we also ran up to slc, to visit the new kids section at forever XXI.

it’s decent.

i would recommend stopping by if you are in the area, but don’t make a special trip for the shopping.

shop online.


on monday, one more gift arrived.

this came in the mail for valentine’s day.

i looove it! thank you babe.

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  1. i still am laughing at the girls trying to take our pictures at the movie! such a fun weekend!! i love hanging with you because there is never a dull moment. 🙂

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