utah dance fest

Utah dance fest is a dance competition held in Logan, Utah. If my memory is correct, I think this is the fifth year we have attended this competition. I love weekend trips with just my two big girls, and this weekend was no exception…

Kiana went along to compete her solo on Friday, but the main focus of the weekend was Myla’s jazz company “mini elites” competing on Saturday.

Kiana’s solo, “dancing with myself,”-

Kiana had a lot of fun performing/competing her solo. She received the top award in her category, “queen” – which is more or less the first place out of the 10-11 year olds jazz advanced category. Then, she also received a second trophy for the “overall” junior out of the novice, intermediate, and advanced categories. Then third, she received another trophy for being the “grand-champion, highest-scoring junior solo” all day. Besides the third trophy she also received a free tee shirt, a utah dance fest stool – like the one she’s sitting on in the picture, a scholarship to attend the competition next year with a solo, and a gift certificate for pictures… all for ONE dance! Because Kiana was the top-overall winner for Juniors on Friday she was invited to perform her solo again on Saturday during the lunch-break showcase.

the awards were all fabulous, but the announcer during the awards ceremony gave her a very genuine compliment, he said that while Kiana was performing he overheard another mom say, “I hope when my daughter grows up, she dances/performs like that. You can totally tell that girl loves to dance!” I thought that was so cool, because when it comes down to it, that’s truly what matters. Kiana has always had the most pure passion for dancing. Another thing I love about Kiana’s desire to dance that most people wouldn’t know, is that she has not kept her trophies for a couple of years now. She usually gives them away to a younger girl at the competition or throws it out.

after the professional photographer was finished taking Kiana’s pictures, Myla was rushing on the floor to be next to her sis, she was so proud of her! Myla started grabbing all her certificates and trophies…
since we visit Logan annually, we have a favorite steak house. Friday evening we headed over to “Hamilton’s steakhouse” and my myla created this little guy. If you can’t tell what it is, his body is a plastic/wire, he has a head, his arms are a bobby-pin, his legs are tucked under his table, his chair is the knife and she sprinkled salt/pepper for his food – because he was hungry too.

seriously…if I could only explain more thoroughly, this girl is non-stop when it comes to being creative! she literally collects garbage and makes art out of it!
maybe we always jump on the beds…
mini elites
hip-hop; “out of time”
2nd place

jazz; “raise the roof”
3rd place…

jazz; “i feel good!”
2nd place
fabulous dancing girls, i loved watching you!!!

6 responses to “utah dance fest

  1. What talented dancers your girls are. You must enjoy dancing too because my girls dance and I think I have just as much fun (maybe more) watching them perform.

  2. Oh, I love your dance competition blogs. Thanks for letting a klutz live vicariously through your talented girls!

  3. Way to go Kiana & Myla!! i love those pictures!
    I bet you had so much fun playing with just the girls!
    Myla is so dang cute with her creativity!
    I love those girls!

  4. Congrats to both your AMAZING girls! I dreamed of being able to leap like that as a teen. Wow!

    Glad you had a fun little weekend getaway with the girls, sounds perfect!

  5. I need to hire you to be my personal photographer, you are so great at capturing “the moment”. Cute and talented girlies!!

    Bummer we missed out on the fun baseball trip, looks like a blast!

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