Utah Dance Fest – Logan, Utah

This weekend we were in Logan, Utah for dance.
This is an annual event for my girls.
We had a great girls weekend – they put some time into dancing, swimming, and we found a great restaurant – Hamilton’s Steak House. Very Ruth’s-Chris style, but “Logan” prices – a great combination.

Kiana’s contemporary solo, “veins” received a 1st place! Choreography by Savannah Dalton

Kiana’s jazz solo, “amazing mayzie” received a 4th…she had a small dance error 🙂 Choreography by Savannah Dalton

{this was the last time for Kiana to perform both of these solo’s – they have retired. She is going to learn 2 new ones this summer for 08-09}

Mini Elites team jazz dance “Orange Colored Sky” received a 1st place! Choreography by Cassie Ford

Mini Elites team jazz dance “Track Jack” received a 1st place! Choreography by Stacy Bills.

Jr. company had 5 dances that they all did great, but there were no great pictures and I haven’t even heard how they did… {bad mom}

13 responses to “Utah Dance Fest – Logan, Utah”

  1. Way to go Kiana and Myla! I love to see Kiana all stretched out in a perfect toes-pointed-legs-perfectly stretched-I-could-never-get-my-legs-that-high leap or kick! She rocks! And My is just adorable, I especially love her ballrooming! She’s got some serious spunk! Good job girls!

  2. Wow! I love that they are so good and place… it’s got to fuel their dancing. Nice work and all the picks are beautiful.

  3. Great Pictures!!
    I love the ones with Kiana in the Air and her Legs stretched PERFECTLY! They are such Great Dancers, i love that they placed in almost everything!
    GOOD JOB Girlies!

  4. great job girls! great flexibility Kiana, looks like a succesful competition.The girls went to Cedar city and both got queen on their solos and Makayla got high overall score of all dancers. A dancers life is fun isn’t it!!!!!

  5. i love the pictures!! and the ones of kiana are amazing!! you need to develop them then we can hang them up on the wall at center stage!!

  6. Ditto! Kiana is so talented! She has such amazing control of her body. Absolutely PERFECT! Myla is so adorable! She has so much fun.

  7. Kiana defies gravity! Amazing. Your girls look so natural and confident performing. And great pictures by the way.

  8. Wow! Kiana is quite an amazing dancer! Looks like a fun day!!

    By the way – My friend from high school (Justin Hamilton) owns Hamilton’s Steakhouse! I haven’t been, but have heard it is very good!! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  9. Good job girls! Av and I were up there, but I only caught one of Mylas dances, I wish I would have seen them all. She did so good. We ate at The Black Stone Restaurant. It was very yummy.

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