I’ve gone since Sunday pm without diet doke, tea, or coffee! As of right now, that is 96 hours, woo-hoo! I had pretty bad headaches the first 2 days and then they’ve been mild to non-existent since… not too bad. I have felt a little more tired & I’m definitely dragging in the 2ND half of my day, but I expected this…

Unfortunately, I’m not sleeping better, yet…

I did find this cheesy little quiz… it says I’m “chipper & perky,” I might not currently describe myself with those words. 🙂

The Caffeine Click Test - How Caffeinated Are You?
OnePlusYou Quizzes and Widgets

4 responses to “update!”

  1. Way to go Jane, that is great! I hope that you are feeling better and sleeping like a baby soon, you deserve it!

  2. OK just took your test! I am well caffeinated and easily exictable, and I havnt had caffeine in over 24 hours–go figure. Maybe I just have fast fingers. LOL
    But way to go woman!

  3. Oh my, I am jittery and easily excitable. I went to the dentist today and it is officially time for me to BACK OFF the bad stuff so I’ll be joining you in your quest.

    Im’ glad to hear you are over the worst part. Great sleep is just around the corner!

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