uncle bob’s salsa

my uncle bob is a foodie at heart, and while staying with him we were lucky enough to try and devour a wholeheckuvalot of his homemade salsa.

…we returned home from washington state, and i made it the next day because i was craving it something fierce!

i can’t recommend this recipe enough!

if possible, use all fresh ingredients. if not, i understand – the first evening i made this, after three stores i could not find fresh banana peppers and had to go for canned, shown in the picture above. {it was still amazing.}

the main ingredient is the banana peppers, so keep a higher ratio of those in comparison to the other items.

you will need:

banana peppers
orange bell pepper
white onion
corn – steamed & cut off the cob.

1/4 c apple cider vinegar
1/4 c Riesling white wine, of your choice.
1/4 c sugar

mix everything except the corn in a blender, everything will be finely chopped.
after blending add the corn.

serve fresh or freeze, serve with your favorite choice of tortilla chips.

enjoy. and, happy eating!

{picture above by me, via instagram. feel free to follow along on my day to day adventures on instagram. (i’m @see_jane) instagram slightly killed my blog this past year, but i’m doing my very best to keep both alive, i really appreciate your comments and emails from this space. xo.}

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  1. Can’t wait to try this recipe out! My mom and I just canned 50+ jars of salsa but your recipe with the banana peppers and corn sounds delicious!

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