two words: the cape.

i continued my little adventures with these two. after nahant beach, we took a day trip to the cape. that’s what the locals call ‘cape cod.’

it’s a 90-minute drive from our house, with literally dozens of beaches to choose from. for our first time there, we chose ‘craigville beach,’ and i promised the kiddos we’d stay all day till sunset. this is more of what i imagine the hamptons to be like, not to offend either one, because i haven’t been to the hamptons yet – i loved all the umbrellas spotting the beach.

my little beach man was instantly in the water with his boogie board.

he’s not such a fan of craigville, just because of this sea-weed-stuff that lines the shore. it’s pretty nasty. and, the waves aren’t great.

however, he still stayed out there floating around for hours!

little miss four and i took many a walks, she spent most of her day collecting “golden seashells” —

sela had her eye on the lifeguard chair all day.
and you bet your bottom dollar as soon as those lifeguards left…
she was on her way up —

as promised, we stayed till sunset.

and this is what i learned about the cape…

each town has:

 a beach
and, an ice cream shop.

so, we made sure to indulge.

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