two art shows i recommend…

first, our bearzy will be dancing this friday at the ‘center stage showcase,’ 7:00PM at the UVU Ragan theater.

this is the best of the best from center stage. if you wanna go,  wanna watch an AMAZING night of dance: contemporary, jazz, ballroom, hip-hop!

let me know, we would love to save you a seat!

if you prepay for tickets during the week at the center stage front desk, tickets are $8.00

if you wait till the night of the show, tickets are $10.00 and you take a risk of the show selling out before then. fyi: this show always sells out!
it would be a GREAT girls night out! date night!  we can all go out for yogurt afterwards!!!  ::smiles::



second, the justin hackworth 30*strangers art show will be June 30th – August 1st.

i can not tell you enough, how sad i am that i am missing this show!  if you remember, my mom, my girls, and i will be in the show!  but now we’re moving & we’re going to miss it… so, if you live nearby – go for us.  we’ll be jealous.


we hope to see you friday! xo.

until then, i am packing & cleaning & packing & swimming & packing & family stops by for good-bye hugs & packing & visiting friends & packing & stoning costumes & packing & preparing for kiana’s dance nationals & packing & last minute doctors appts. & packing & last hair  appts. in utah & packing & miss thirteen gets her braces off on MONDAY & packing & last appts. with our esthetician & packing & taking myla to tennis & packing & going to lunch with besties & packing & kj has four more baseball games & packing…

{we have eight days left in utah.}

and, we’re still homeless in boston.



4 responses to “two art shows i recommend…”

  1. I’ll send you happy thoughts on the housing. When we moved to NJ from NV we THOUGHT we had a house… It was only after shipping the stuff and flying across country and already living in a hotel for a week that we found out the current tenants REF– USED to leave. Long story short, it took me 6 weeks to find a tiny townhouse in a good school district for us to rent. I’m sure Boston’s market will be tons better than mine since we live in a seasonal beach town & no one does long term rentals here. I’m so excited for yo guys. We love Boston!!!

  2. Oh the joys of packing 🙂 you are a superwoman always on the go. Good luck on the house hunting. I hope you find something fabulous and fast! I sooo wish I could make it to the showcase 🙁

  3. oh miss jane! good luck crazy lady! packing? Ugh, gross. I can slightly relate. Getting married in two weeks and moving to death land (arizona..soooo hot! help!) and we are homeless as well. good luck

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