twenty thirteen.

happy new year via seejaneblog

happy new year!

i’ve been back-posting for days, and finally feel all caught up! traveling and/or the holidays always set me back in blog posts. when they combine themselves at the same time — it’s a double whammy.

with the new year, and post-holiday zest, i have been cleaning. purging. and simplifying. i have cleared spaces in my mind that feel more capable to take on new opportunities this year. with that said, seejaneblog might be a little quiet this month. it might be a little quieter all year. some of my current-non-blogging projects demand more attention than usual, and i am going to fully commit to them. i promise to share more details later. but, until then, you can find me daily @see_jane on instagram. i have a few posts planned for later this month and february – toy reviews, two original valentine’s ideas to share, one super-affordable {almost free} craft, and i am prepping for my biggest giveaway ever. also! i will be in utah later this month for Alt. Summit, will i see you there?

hoping your year is fabulous.

p.s. did you watch downton abbey last night? my myla and i stayed up late, snuggled in blankets by the fire to watch. this will likely be our sunday night tradition for the next few months…

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