twelve days of boston…

is this the most adorable welcome-to-a-new-city-package you’ve ever seen???

katie has graced my blog a few times over the years, and this time she’s gone the extra mile for the honorable mention!

soon after we arrived here in boston, we received this:

if you look closely, she has included a “boston mix cd” because katie is a true music guru + a welcome letter filled with love & positive support on our big adventure PLUS twelve envelopes each filled with local-advice on daily activities and what-to-do’s around boston.

i was so moved by katie’s package + the time she invested to make it for us – we jumped in the car, put in our boston-tunes & attacked those envelopes* full of ideas! katie currently calls colorado home, but she lived in boston a few years ago for her career & at the time i lived through her vicariously. now, we call boston home! woo-hooooo!

on the down-low, katie has told me that people go skinny dipping at walden pond at midnight, i’m not so sure i could get husband to go for that one, he’s more reserved than most would think…we’ll have to see!

*one of those envelopes recommended a local beach that is our FAVORITE locals spot to hang out on hot days! {photos soon!}


in other welcoming news, we are shocked at the sense of community our new-little-town in a big city has. we live eight miles from fenway + fifteen minutes {without traffic} to literally downtown boston – yet, we really feel like we live in this small-town…

there are weekly socials in the community + at the kids’ schools + in our neighborhood. new to us: is the focus on the adults – all of our kids’ schools have “parents-only” socials, back to school nights are NO KIDS, etc etc – there is a real effort made to unite the adults/neighborhoods & it’s very cool. i’ve joined a local online mother’s forum that organizes weekly playdates based on the ages of your kids + monthly educational presentations at the local country club just for women to keep up to date on current events & child-raising-topics. the forum also keeps you in the know of all local family events, sends out discounts for the events, and has ladies nights out! i’ve been told i must sign-up for the local paper because evidently that’s where all the gossip is!  ha!  we have our first “block” party next week & i’m thinking about hosting the third-grade-parents-social in october. i just can’t quite decide if i’m ready to open up our home that quickly! but, i also need a project like that right now… to focus on.

so, dear katie and all of those who have welcomed* us to boston – thank you, thank you, thank you – you’ve made us feel so loved & welcomed!

* don’t think things are perfect, i really dislike some of the snooty-boston-drivers!

3 responses to “twelve days of boston…

  1. Hey Jane – love your recent posts. Thanks for sharing your family adventures. Our kids still think about, talk about and miss yours!!

  2. So, I’m jealous of the adult-only socials… I’m pretty sure I could do some fine socializing at one of those 🙂 So fun that you have a beach near by, and yes, you should host the third-grade-social, as jane from Utah-meets-amazingness. hugs and kisses!

  3. What an adorable idea! You are making me want to visit Boston, even though it would take like an entire day to get there

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