oh man, these kids were hard to say good-bye to… in fact, i may have given them more farewell hugs than even kiana did. for years, these girls & guys have hung out at our house – quite often i sit only a room away laughing almost as hard as they do at how crazy funny they are. for the past few summers, i’ve had them running through my kitchen on summer nights during night games – they play with all of our younger kids just like they were their own siblings… in fact, you can see myla on the front row snuggled up with one of our favorites – cayman. and, without a second thought i love each of these kids as if they are my own.

…miss thirteen has always had the best of friends in our neighborhood and at school. no drama – ever. just genuine, respectful, kind, loyal, good, kids. i have always prayed she would be surrounded by them through all of school – so, here’s really hoping she finds friends like these beauties in boston. at least comparable. ::fingers crossed!::

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  1. So I love all of the parties. All of the kids look so happy! Every kid needs so really great friends. Love you guys. Good luck in the coming weeks! Hope to see you soon:)

  2. Miss you, miss you lots and lots!!! So, did you make the conection that Nicole “Herbert” is my little cousin? (Her dad is my dad’s little brother) Poor thing has had a rough summer with her leg, such a bad deal! 🙁
    Love you tons!

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